How to get to Courchevel?

You can get to the Courchevel by train (high-speed train to Moutiers, 24km from Courchevel), or by plane from Geneva airport, Lyon airport, Grenoble airport, or Chambery airport. Courchevel has as well its own airport that is the highest situated airfield on the world. Airport of Courchevel is localized in the heart of the 3 Vallées at an altitude of 2 008 m with the great views on the Valley. You can as well get to Courchevel by minivan, or by luxury car, directly from Geneva airport. Click here to learn more.

What should you know about airport Courchevel?

The airfield «Courchevel Airport» became well-known thanks to the James Bond movie «Tomorrow Never Dies » where we can admire its amazing localization and beautiful mountain views. The airport of Courchevel was constructed in 1961 by Michel Ziegler who established there his aircraft company “Air Alps”. The airport of Courchevel is really occupied during the winter time when it welcomes helicopters and planes with ski lovers, who are going to spend their winter holidays in Courchevel ski resort. Courchevel_aeroport.jpg

Helicopter transfers to airport of Courchevel

There is also possible to flight to Courchevel by helicopter. This way of transport won’t be so expensive if you will travel in groups (5, 6 people). Enjoy an amazing winter landscape and the view from the sky on The Three Valleys. Landing on the airport of Courchevel will be an amazing experience as the airport is situated on 2000 above the Sea level. There is only one airstrip with a gradient of 18.5%. Airport of Courchevel is open only for small planes and helicopters so it is one of the easiest way to get on the top.